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July 15, 2011

[Vocaloid] Yumekui Shirokuro Baku

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Original kanji lyrics sourced from here >

Song: 夢喰い白黒バク| Yumekui Shirokuro Baku | The Dream-Eating Black White Tapir
Album: Written for and included in Clear’s 2nd album 「DearestⅡ」
Written, produced and arranged by: Nem
Another version on NND for Vocaloid: using Kagamine Len APPEND

I’m listing under Vocaloid because I listened to that version… or rather Aomofu’s version, who by the way sounds like how a sleek Dream eater should sound \o/ Need to hear Clear’s version asap!

The Dream-Eating Black White Tapir

Where did he come from?
How does he look like?
No one knows
That’s right I’m the dream eating black and white tapir

Now now young lady
You are here in the dead of night because you couldn’t sleep?
If that’s the case then shall I
Cast a magic spell for you?

. . . come, let’s seal the deal with a pinky promise

You had a bad dream?1 Leave it to me
I’ll eat every single one of them all
You don’t have to worry anymore, so rest well
Forget all about the bad things

Now now young lady
You’ve got another favour to ask?
Well I can’t refuse
As fulfilling it is my very happiness

. . . If so then let’s seal the deal with a kiss

You want to see more dreams?2 Leave it to me
I’ll let you experience them all
A scrumptious story, a luscious dream3
Have them all to your heart’s content

Keep on wishing, wishing for more
Lay bare your desires
You can’t escape from here no more
It’s a bottomless paradise

Now, as the moon wanes my role here is done
As for the price . . . you do understand right?
Within the eye, those brilliant dreams4
I’ll be helping myself to all, all of them

What a wretched expression you have, this is reality
You chose this path didn’t you?
If you drown in delusions, you won’t have your dreams5 granted
. . . Welcome to the monochrome world!


It is actually a simple, interesting song-story about the dream eating tapir, known in Chinese folk tales for eating nightmares. The slightly complicated part of translation lies in the meaning and intention of the word, dreams.

1 Nightmare, although it could also imply that it was something that had actually happened. Dream here is spelt in katakana, rather than kanji.
2 Dreams, also spelt in katakana. It could probably mean illusions or hallucinations too, whereby the girl is presumably asking for that to escape from reality.
3 Rather than luscious dream (direct translation), the meaning is closer to hallucination or delusion.
4 I see these ‘dreams’ as the future (you know how they say having a future is a lovely thing, no matter how the present is, because if you’re dead you don’t even have the possibility of one)
5 More like advice, whereby if you don’t face your fears and instead run away from them by deluding yourself, you will never have your actual wishes granted, or that you might as well don’t live, or erm, have a future.


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